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Finding God in The Orgasm, pt.1

If God is everywhere then isn’t everywhere the bedroom too? What, God is only to be found in charming chapels, mystical monasteries or sacred synagogues? Do you really believe that God, who gave us sexuality (who could have made us asexual, like the starfish) is somehow offended by that which He gave us? Do you […]


Bob Dammit

God Dammit! God Dangit! God Darnit! God this. God that. Oh My God. Aren’t you violating the third commandment when you say this? Aren’t you going to hell? Really? Do you think this is really what it means to “take the Lord’s name in vain,” (number three of the top ten commandments)? Do you believe in […]

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God Poop

So my son comes in a while back and says to me “daddy, daddy, you need to clean up the ‘God Poop’ in the back yard.” And later, “daddy, daddy, can we get another ‘God’”? God poop – I love it. Frankly, I spend half my life as a rabbi cleaning up everyone’s “God poop” […]


Names Are Lame

“Rabbi why don’t you write ‘G-D’ and instead write out the name ‘God’? Isn’t that disrespectful? The answer – no, it’s perfectly fine. Why? Because “God” is not the name of God. Show me in the Bible where the letters G-O-D appear? I’ll tell you where – they don’t. The Bible was written in Hebrew. […]