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I am Rabbi Baruch HaLevi (aka Rabbi B).
I pray  my words bring you INSPIRATION.
I hope my services leave you INSPIRED.
I offer you all this and more in gratitude, in friendship and IN-SPIRIT.
Rabbi B

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What’s In A Name Part 2: The Meaning of Our Names

After I wrote the last blog, “What’s In A Name,” I really stopped to think about my name, my last name, or as Israeli’s call it, my “family name” (next blog). First names are pretty straight forward. Our parents call us what they call us. Its up to them (until we are a rebellious young […]


The Life of an Israeli Immigrant Part 2: Delivery From Hell

High Stakes Appliance Negotiations Part 1: As new immigrants to Israel we have to start from scratch. We could have brought some of our appliances but were talked out of it as the electrical systems are different and repairs supposedly complex. In retrospect, who cares. Israeli appliances pretty much suck. Still, we have no choice […]


What’s In A Name

Here’s why we made aliyah (moved to Israel): It may not look like much but, I can assure you, it is everything. No, we didn’t move for a crappy Coke, or the other loads of junk food my kids now eat (Although not so diff than the states, somehow the junk food in Israel just […]


Israel Inspired: Sand, Sabras, Summer & Resilence

Everything in Israel is dirtier and dustier than the U.S.A. I’m constantly sweating, even when there’s air-conditioning (what I wouldn’t give for an air conditioned office. “Don’t worry,” the Israeli’s keep telling me. “It’s never this hot here,” they say. And they’ve been saying it for a month.) My kids are dirtier. The fruits and […]