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Are You Velveteen Or Are You Real?

I’m asked all the time if I only work with Jewish people, only work with religious people, or only work with spiritual people?  And the answer is unequivocally and always the same. I do not care about someone’s religion. I do not care if they believe in God. I do not care if they are […]


Resiliency #3: Warrior Marks

I’m so tired of the way we define beauty. “She is beautiful because she doesn’t have a blemish or a wrinkle.” “He is beautiful because he doesn’t have an ounce of flab or a single gray hair.” “It is beautiful because it is polished, shiny and new.” This isn’t beauty. This is empty. This is […]


Resiliency #2 Crisis & Creation

Recently I was jogging (lately it’s where I get most of my blog ideas) and came across a stretch of forest that must have burned down in the recent past. It was really sad to witness. I felt a sense of loss. Granted it wasn’t a person, nonetheless, those trees were once living things. Seeing […]


Resiliency Series #1 Wrestling Into Light

Recently, jogging through the mountains and valleys of the Galilee (where I live in Israel), I looked up and realized there were no markers of civilization. There was nothing that would distinguish where I was, or more importantly when I was there, from 100 years ago, 1000 years ago, or even thousands of years ago. […]