rabbib-new-photoHello and Welcome

I am Rabbi Baruch HaLevi (aka Rabbi B).
I pray  my words bring you INSPIRATION.
I hope my services leave you INSPIRED
I offer you all this and more in gratitude, in friendship and IN-SPIRIT.

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Memorial Day: 2015

Last Memorial Day I wrote about the importance of remembering those who came before us; those who gave their lives fighting to defend our freedom. It is vital that we remember them, acknowledge them, and continue to thank them and their loved ones for the sacrifices they made on our behalf. This year, however, as important as […]

prayer shadow

I wanted to keep him alive.

When my father died, one of my first responses was to become a collector and nearly a hoarder. It was my mission to gather everything he created or touched. I scoured my home for pictures, and when I found them, I scanned them into the computer for backup. I searched for letters, and every one […]


Life’s Light

Like the unexpected flower that grows between the cracks in the sidewalk, may we find the possible in what we thought was impossible, the hope within the sorrow, and the sparks within the dark. May we travel together from death’s darkness into life’s light, and may we be gentler and more loving with ourselves, and […]


Carry Their Flame

It changed my life when I began to think of myself as the protector of my deceased loved one’s stories. It gives me purpose to know that I’m the guardian of their legacy. To be a Spark Seeker means you have taken upon yourself not just the darkness of loss after the death of a […]