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My name is Baruch HaLevi, aka “Rabbi B.” My prayer for you is that you find inspiration, comfort, hope, blessings and peace within my site. Shalom – Salaam – Namaste – Peace.


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You Don’t Have A Soul

We live in a binary world. We see black or white. We talk in terms of this or that. You are you. I am me. We are separate as we live our simplistic, either/or lives.   But what if life isn’t so simplistic. What if it’s not black or white but really shades of gray? After all, the […]


The Truth About Judaism

Jews don’t believe in heaven.  Jews don’t believe in the afterlife. Jews certainly don’t believe in re-incarnation. Or so the story goes.   If you are Jewish you have definitely heard this. If you are Jewish you have probably been taught this. If you are Jewish you have likely come to believe this. However, just […]


Learning Through Living

Everything in this universe is on a path of growth and refinement, improvement and evolution. If it’s here, it’s here for a reason. If it exists there is a purpose for its existence. And though we can’t always know why it exists or what that purpose is, life is about learning and living is about growing. So […]


The Rhythms of the Soul

Why is the thought of being born twice, aka reincarnation, any more shocking than the fact that we are born at all? Out of millions of sperm, one of them, against all odds somehow found it’s way to a perfectly timed and situated egg which then magically morphed into a beautiful baby – you – the […]