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My name is Baruch HaLevi, aka “Rabbi B.” My prayer for you is that you find inspiration, comfort, hope, blessings and peace within my site. Shalom – Salaam – Namaste – Peace.


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No Such Thing As Divorce

Divorce, according to one dictionary definition is: “a complete separation between two things.”    Can you think of a more erroneous term for what happens to a marriage when it comes to it’s legal end? I have never met two people who’s marriage had ended who were actually “divorced” according to this definition.   There […]


Darkness of Divorce: Shades Of Gray

Per my last blog, darkness descends in a myriad of ways into our lives. There’s death’s darkness. There’s the darkness of disease, depression and devastations of all kinds. However, one form of darkness that is entirely overlooked by our society, and perhaps one of the most difficult forms in which to navigate, is the darkness that […]

dark d

Life’s Dark D’s

  Too often we are taught that when one of, what I call Life’s Dark D’s (depression, despair, defeat, disease, divorce, death…)  appear within our lives, we should, or could, find our way around the darkness or “rise above” the darkness, or at the very least, that we should get out of the darkness as quickly […]


The Invitation

Rarely do I share the work of others as a blog. However, as I finish up this blog series – Cocktail Party Conversations – let me end with this poem. It is among my favorites and one of the most important and enlightening I have come across. It is “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.   Oriah […]