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My name is Baruch HaLevi, aka "Rabbi B." My prayer for you is that you find inspiration, comfort, hope, blessings and peace within my site. Shalom - Salaam - Namaste - Peace

Rabbi B is a Rabbi – Grief Guide – Pastoral Counselor – Soul Coach – Wisdom Text Teacher – Motivational Speaker – Spiritual Entrepreneur – Israel Advocate – and Inspirational Author committed to anyone and everyone: Jews and non-Jews, religious and secular, locally or virtually, seeking meaning, direction, purpose and inspiration within their life. Shalom - Salaam - Namaste - Peace Continue

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Learning Through Living

Everything in this universe is on a path of growth and refinement, improvement and evolution. If it’s here, it’s here for a reason. If it exists there is a purpose for its existence. And though we can’t always know why it exists or what that purpose is, life is about learning and living is about growing. So […]


The Rhythms of the Soul

Why is the thought of being born twice, aka reincarnation, any more shocking than the fact that we are born at all? Out of millions of sperm, one of them, against all odds somehow found it’s way to a perfectly timed and situated egg which then magically morphed into a beautiful baby – you – the […]


Love Doesn’t Die

VDay, or any day, is a hard day when you aren’t with the one you love, particularly because they have died.   The world around you is talking about love, romantic love, chocolates and dining and romance and intimacy. It can be hard to hear if your husband has died, your wife is gone, your […]


You Don’t Have A Soulmate

Valentines Day may be a day to celebrate love, “soulmate” love, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a romantic table for two.   Some soulmates are spouses, lovers or significant others. Soulmate love can be romantic and sexual. Equally, however, soulmates can be Plutonic, sisterly, brotherly, parent-child, friend to friend love. Love is a spectrum of […]