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Vitamin N – Learning To Say “NO”

When I guide people through life’s crossroads, or what I have come to know as “The T’s In The Road” (Transitions, Tests, Traumas or Tragedies), one of the first things we work on is making sure they have enough vitamin N. After all, even on a good day, most everyone I know is vitamin N […]


Your Unconquerable Soul

Your Unconquerable Soul I hope this finds you in the midst of a wonderful, peaceful and restorative summer vacation. However, for many people I have coached recently, people facing divorce, terminal illness, the loss of a loved one and a whole host of other challenging or traumatic experiences, neither peaceful, nor fun, describes their current […]


The Pursuit of Happyness

If you never saw the movie, the Pursuit of Happyness, you should. I watched it again recently and am adding this to my “SparkSeekers Movie Musts” (not that I’ve started this list but consider this the first). Based on a true story about the life of Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith), it’s about a […]


Authentic Power!

Power. Not power as in physical strength. Not power as in dominance over another. Not power regarding anything outside of yourself. Power over yourself, power over your ability to choose how you respond to the world, your circumstances, your challenges. Either the world outside of you controls you or you control you – it has […]