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Play it safe

“Play it safe.” These are among the worst words, the worst advice, we can ever tell someone or share with our kids. Truth be told, you don’t even believe it. You don’t believe safety is the most important thing. You don’t even believe it’s the most important thing for your children. You say you do, […]


What are you Crazy?

“What are you crazy?” That’s what friend of mine wrote to me after my recent announcement that Ariela and I have decided to move on, from my beloved Congregation and our amazing community, to make Aliyah (move to Israel) next summer. “Why don’t you just stay? Why don’t you just play it safe?” It’s a […]


Lie To Yourself

When I counsel people, I do not care if they lie to me. It’s not about me. It’s not personal. And it doesn’t change my life one bit. A Rabbi’s study, a Pastors office, a Therapists couch, these are simply safe spaces where one should be able to say whatever it is that needs to […]


I Just Saw Them

I’ve shared this before. I’ll share it again and again. It is amazing to me the universal response to learning about the death of someone we love, or even someone we barely know. It is what I call the, “I just saw them” response. “He can’t be dead,” someone will say after learning their friend […]