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Chanukah: The Blessing Of Unanswered Prayers

Sometimes the origins of a holiday and what it becomes are worlds apart. Certainly this is the case regarding Chanukah. We pile high the presents fulfilling so many of our year’s pent-up “wants.” However, Chanukah is holiday not of wants but of needs. After having defeated our enemy, the Macabees returned to the Temple and found a canister of […]


Inside-Out Series: You Never Know

I’ve shared this before but it relates to this “Inside-Out” blog series. After my father died we held a memorial service in the town in which he was living. As we were in the midst of our service, casually and cozily in one of his friend’s homes, the door opened and in walked a young […]


Inside-Out Series: Angels Along Our Path

Haven’t you ever had one of those moments where you are lost, confused, in a foreign place (not just overseas but even just feeling like an outsider within your life)? And then, seemingly out the heavens, appears the right person, at the right time, with the right message to guide you right back to your […]


Inside-Out Series: The Stranger

Why is it that “religious” is usually defined by the garb one wears, what one believes, or the pietisitc acts, rituals or behavior one engages?   The word “religious,” after all, comes from the Latin root “ligare” which means “connection” (as in “ligament”).   Religion is supposed to connect – connect us to God, but […]