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My name is Baruch HaLevi, aka "Rabbi B." My prayer for you is that you find inspiration, comfort, hope, blessings and peace within my site. Shalom - Salaam - Namaste - Peace

Rabbi B is a Rabbi – Grief Guide – Pastoral Counselor – Soul Coach – Wisdom Text Teacher – Motivational Speaker – Spiritual Entrepreneur – Israel Advocate – and Inspirational Author committed to anyone and everyone: Jews and non-Jews, religious and secular, locally or virtually, seeking meaning, direction, purpose and inspiration within their life. Shalom - Salaam - Namaste - Peace Continue

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Spark Seeker Tears

Why are we so scared of tears?   Do you know how often people apologize to me during counseling sessions when they start crying? All the time! “I’m sorry,” they tell me as they are talking about their divorce, “I don’t usually cry.”   “I apologize,” they say, “I didn’t mean to do this,” as they are sharing about their […]


Spark Seekers: Shhhh

It’s funny. After my first blog on this series, regarding “Robin Williams suicide” being the number 1 Google search of 2014, I received many, “duh” emails. “Duh. Of course this was the most researched topic of 2014.”      “He was a great man.”      “He was supposed to be happy.”      “He […]


Spark Seekers: Are You A Void Dancer

A while back I officiated at a funeral and one of the mourners was a successful, high powered, NYC attorney. How did I know that? Because he told me as much. No, he didn’t actually say this, at least not with words. However, from start to finish he was annoyed. He fidgeted, checked his cell phone […]

dark to light

Spark Seekers: What is a Spark Seeker, Part 2

“What is a Spark Seeker?” someone asked me recently. A Spark Seeker is someone who faces life’s losses, adversities, traumas, tragedies – life’s darkness – with a resolve to discover within it sparks of light. Sparks of possibility. Sparks of potential. Sparks of beauty. Sparks of blessing. A man I know, who’s wife died, had every reason […]