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I am Baruch HaLevi, also known as, “Rabbi B.”
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Happy Thanksgiving & Carving Knives of Peace

Happy Thanksgiving & Carving Knives of Peace When my family and I made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) this past summer, things were quiet. For the first few months here our stresses were rude service repairmen, aggressive appliance salesmen and bugs (you read about the bugs!). Although today there is relative calm, it’s only relative (after […]

A Message From Her Highness, Holiness, My Boss (and wife) – ARIELA

Dear Friends, Baruch is usually the blog writer, but after taking a much needed media/facebook hiatus, I thought I would shed some light on what life is like here in the north of Israel. I know Baruch gave you a quick, to the point, view of our lives, but the mom usually has a better […]

High Holy Days In Israel: I’ve Never Been So Bored

One year ago, back in the states, on Kol Nidrei, the holiest night on the Jewish calendar, my kids were in the synagogue. And if you ask them what they remember about that night they would surprise you. They don’t remember the rabbis sermon (as rousing at it most certainly was to them it was […]


Shalom to all of my friends back in America. As much as the HaLevi’s love Israel and our decision to make aliyah (at least the parents), there are moments of sadness thinking of all that we left behind and all those we left behind. We loved America, we loved  Swampscott and the North Shore, we […]