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My name is Rabbi B, and this is my website.

Rabbi B is a rabbi/teacher/visionary/spiritual entrepreneur/author/speaker/life-coach/guide committed to anyone and everyone, Jews and non-Jews, religious and secular, locally or virtually, seeking meaning, direction, purpose and inspiration within their life Continue

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Rabbi B’s Resignation From Congregation Shirat Hayam (effective summer 2015)

Friends, Enclosed is my letter of resignation to my beloved congregation. (FYI – WE ARE NOT LEAVING UNTIL NEXT SUMMER (July 2015)). No – there is no scandal. No – there is no behind-the-scenes drama. No – there is nothing wrong with my synagogue or my community. On the contrary, we love CSH and Boston’s […]

Israel Blog: My Heart Is In The East

So I’m back, sort of. My head is here (in Los Angeles where I’m meeting Ariela and the kids then flying home before Shabbat). My body, however, is somewhere in a time zone over the midwest. My heart, however, is nowhere to be found. You see, I left it back in Eretz Yisrael. Or, in the […]

To All Of Israel’s (and my) Critics – The Decent & The Indecent

    It is staggering to me how many well intentioned people have written to me condemning my celebration of Israel aggression and condemnation of my lack of heartbreak over innocent Palestinian civilian, (particularly children’s) death: “what kind of warmonger are you anyways?” someone asked. Sometimes I wonder if the Internet fairies magically change my […]

The Lie That Israelis Celebrate Death’s Of Palestinians

“It seems like Israeli’s want all Palestinians dead,” someone recently wrote to me. In three packed days of touring, meeting with Knesset members, generals, soldiers, political analysts, doctors and average Israeli citizens I have not heard one iota of this ridiculous sentiment.  I haven’t heard one negative word about Palestinians, certainly not their citizenry. Hamas, […]