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I am Rabbi Baruch HaLevi (aka Rabbi B).
I pray  my words bring you INSPIRATION.
I hope my services leave you INSPIRED.
I offer you all this and more in gratitude, in friendship and IN-SPIRIT.
Rabbi B

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High Holy Days In Israel: I’ve Never Been So Bored

One year ago, back in the states, on Kol Nidrei, the holiest night on the Jewish calendar, my kids were in the synagogue. And if you ask them what they remember about that night they would surprise you. They don’t remember the rabbis sermon (as rousing at it most certainly was to them it was […]


Shalom to all of my friends back in America. As much as the HaLevi’s love Israel and our decision to make aliyah (at least the parents), there are moments of sadness thinking of all that we left behind and all those we left behind. We loved America, we loved  Swampscott and the North Shore, we […]

israel ikea

The Life of an Israeli Immigrant Part 3: The Get Me Coffee Guy

Get Me Coffee… So here’s the best Israel technician story yet. Starting from scratch here in Israel, we did what probably every immigrant since Moses arrived has done, we went to IKEA. Now, Ikea is an absolute riot. First, not having been there since my college days (come full circle) it’s hilarious. Tons of ultra-orthodox […]


End of Week Reflections: Mid East Peace

End of week reflections. Multiple times this week I’ve been asked for my “analysis” on the geo-political situation in the Mid-east in light of the inevitability of the Iranian deal. My response, at least in my head, was, “ummmm, dude, I spent 3 hours this week arguing with a burnt out bank teller, in Heb-lish, about why my account reads zero on-line and yet I just transferred over my life savings. Her response was something like, “oh, it’s there. It’s just not showing up. Don’t worry.” And she was annoyed that her assurances weren’t enough for me. I spent 4 hours trying to figure out chugim (after school activities) for elementary school kids which was more complicated than choosing my college courses. Add another 2 hours on there back at IKEA trying to return crap that their installation guy (whom I call mikeA – tomorrows blog) screwed up. And, oh, we can’t forget the hour I spent on hold, with the cable company, having pushed the “English” customer service button to finally be connected with a rep that didn’t speak a word of English, was annoyed that I would expect she did and then hung up on me when she was tired of me ranting about how she and mIKEA are killing my Leon Uris image of Israel (actually died with the scorpion a few weeks back). The list goes on. But truthfully, my friend, it was a good week – hard – the kids started school (another blog for next week), but way easier than any week prior. But brother, I wasn’t qualified to analyze mid-east politics prior to aliyah and even less educated now that I haven’t read the newspaper in 2 months. But if you want to know what not to say to an appliance salesman, when not to show up at the municipal offices, how to shake out your shoes to avoid the spider bites or whom not to talk to at the cable company – brother – I’m a freaking expert!!!”  And to all my Facebook-Freakout-Feelings-Fixer-Friends, please, don’t load up my inbox with meditation, medication or menstruation (ran out of rhyming words) articles. This really is a dream come true. We are loving life. Just a little pre-Shabbat release valve. It’s all good. Rats and all.  Shalom #halevifamily #aliyah #israelinspired