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I am Rabbi Baruch HaLevi (aka Rabbi B).
I pray  my words bring you INSPIRATION.
I hope my services leave you INSPIRED.
I offer you all this and more in gratitude, in friendship and IN-SPIRIT.
Rabbi B

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Moving On Up: Aliyah

Many know, most do not, that when a Jew moves to Israel it is not described as simply “moving,” but “making aliyah.” Aliyah means ascending, which is ironic as Israel is geographically the lowest spot on earth. Aliyah isn’t, however, merely geographical. It is spiritual. We are ascending to the birthplace of our religion, the origins […]


Wow – What a ride!

“What are you crazy?” That’s what friend of mine wrote to me after my recent announcement that Ariela and I have decided to move on, from my beloved Congregation and our amazing community, to make Aliyah (move to Israel) next summer. “Why don’t you just stay? Why don’t you just play it safe?” It’s a […]

HaLevi Family June 2015

Father’s Day: Long After Dad Is Gone

I’m a father of four beautiful children. I certainly love them and I know they love me. Except for when the four year old is having a meltdown and screaming at me at the top of his lungs, “shut up, stupid, poopy face,” followed by a door slamming and ear splitting scream, it is an […]


Memorial Day: 2015

Last Memorial Day I wrote about the importance of remembering those who came before us; those who gave their lives fighting to defend our freedom. It is vital that we remember them, acknowledge them, and continue to thank them and their loved ones for the sacrifices they made on our behalf. This year, however, as important as […]