Members of The Tribe: The Aqua Nation Meets The Chickasaw Nation

Meet Governor Bill Anoatubby, the governor of the Chickasaw Nation.

Governor Anoatubby has been the elected governor of the Chickasaw people since 1987. He is a rare blend of wisdom, compassion, humility, strength and vision.

The Chickasaw are one of Oklahoma's largest employers, home to hundreds of businesses and a civic, environmental and economic leader within the state and region. Their passion for water sustainability made possible the OKA Institute Water Sustainability Conference where I spoke.

I have gotten to know the governor as he and the Chickasaw Nation are staunch supporters of Israel, consistently sending delegations to Israel and now working to build business bridges as well. The people of the Chickasaw and the people of Israel have so much in common, so much shared strength and resilience and so much to gain through this relationship.

Throughout the past year I have been to almost every state within the Silicon Prairie, and although many of them are forward thinking, progressive and collaborative, none are more so than Oklahoma. Oklahoma, particularly around water, is ready to take a lead position in working with Israel to explore and implement water solutions to a growing water scarcity problem. Although this is due to a number of factors, you can not underestimate the power of leadership in making this a reality. Governor Anoatubby sets the tone for the state of Oklahoma and the state of Oklahoma's water will soon be flowing in the right direction, in no small measure, due to Governor Anoatubby.

Thank you to Governor Anoatubby and the OKA Institute for helping welaunch launch our water initiative in Oklahoma. And thank you for your ongoing support of the Aqua Nation (Israel).