Fighting Fire with Water: The Fight Against Jew Hatred & Hatred of the Jewish Homeland

These have been an ugly few weeks in America as old fashioned Jew hatred and in fashion Israel hatred (which is also Jew hatred) rears its ugly head and raises its devastating weapons. Sure, we all know about the monster in Pittsburgh, but what about the disturbing, newly and re-elected politicians like Ilhan Omar, who have quite clearly made her hatred of the state of Israel known.

However, at times like these we need to stop crying, stop fretting, stop shouting and start fighting. And I have spoken to many people who are fighting, each in their own way.  

For some, like a woman I know named Margo, the fight happens through her keyboard. She’s out there on social media, outing these haters, showcasing their prejudice and combating their lies with truth.

For others, like a nice Jewish boy named Dan, who serves in the United States Air Force, they fight by serving our country which is a crucial way in which we combat the hate. (P.S. the U.S. Armed Forces, and law enforcement in general, are worthy and honorable pursuits for all of our children and Jewish children should be encouraged to serve!).

For some like David, the fight happens through passing anti-BDS legislation or debating the haters on college campuses or calling out their lies at cocktail parties or Thanksgiving dinners if need be.

For others, like Nancy,  that fight happens through supporting worthy organizations like AIPAC or CUFI or other pro-Israel organizations (just because it’s Jewish doesn’t make it pro-Israel so do your homework before you join or donate).

Spreading the message of Israel water expertise, achievements and innovation, and providing pathways for the world to access Israeli water-tech, is a new way to fight.
— Rabbi B

We need defenders of the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland (of all religions and no religion) to fight fire with fire.

For me, however, I chose to fight fire with water, literally.

Spreading the message of Israel water expertise, achievements and innovation, and providing pathways for the world to access Israeli water-tech, is a new way to fight.

For instance, there’s  “Innovation: Africa,” a nonprofit with the mission to bring innovative Israeli solar and water technologies to remote African villages.

Then there’s Lishtot, an Israeli company that  uses electric field sensors to determine the quality of water and has saved, and will save, countless lives (and it cost $50 and fits on your keychain!.

How about WaterGen, an Israeli technology which draws water out of thin air, purifies it and delivers it straight to your cup. WaterGen is being used in FEMA sites and other disaster situations. There won’t be a disaster victim who survives that won’t some day thank WaterGen for literally keeping them alive.

Or what about Edgybees, an Israeli startup that combines Augmented Reality technology and drones as a tool for first responders on rescue missions and disasters zones and used recently in combating forest fires in California.

We need to get these technologies into the world to save lives. Just as important, we need to get the message out into the world that these, and so much more, are contributions of the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland. This isn’t simply marketing or merely doing business. This is a new strategy in combating the haters and new tactics in how we battle and how we will win this fight.

The bottom line, there is no one way to fight Jew Hatred and those who hate the Jewish Homeland. It doesn’t matter how you fight. Fight fire with fire. Fight fire with water. All that matters is that you fight fire with something. Some get out there and fight!