Conscious Cannabis: Health. Happiness. Holiness.

I am asked all the time if I smoke "weed." And considering my last blog “Coming Out of The Cannabis Closet” received so much attention, I thought it was only right to share. 

The answer is, rarely.

I'm not opposed to it - if done properly, in the right context, by people who are of legal age and do it responsibly. It's just not my thing. Never has been. Probably never will be.

I do, however, use a cannabis CBN/CBD transdermal patch to sleep. It’s amazing, but that’s the point - this plant is amazing!

It can be a pathway to health, happiness and even holiness. We just have to get over the pre-conceptions and misconceptions, the slander, propaganda and outright lies surrounding this plant.

It’s time to have grown up, sophisticated and honest conversations about this plant.

This is what I call, “Conscious Cannabis.”

For so many of us, it’s so much more than just weed.

-Rabbi B

Conscious Cannabis (2).png