In this practical and engaging guide to reinvigorating Jewish life, Rabbi Baruch HaLevi and Ellen Frankel identify the difference between a living synagogue and a dying one, and offer methods for reviving the Jewish spiritual centers—federations, community centers, institutions and synagogues—that serve as the heart of Jewish tradition and your life. They offer practical strategies for sustaining and expanding transformation, including tips for providing impassioned leadership, inspired programming and inviting sacred spaces. Whether you are clergy, congregant or community member, this guide will help you awaken your spirit and enliven your journey to a Ruakh-filled life.

For those who have lost faith in our people and institutions.... Provides important ideas to help us improve our own synagogues and communities. Ruakh might also be the most important missing ingredient of Federation life. Revolution of Jewish Spirit can help us there as well.
— -Barry Shrage, president, Combined Jewish Philanthropies


Nearly three decades ago, Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi and his family were shattered after the suicide of his paternal grandmother - a tragedy that would repeat itself twenty years later when his father took his own life.

These pivotal losses served as a catalyst for him to enter into the depths of loss and despair, emerging with a newfound wisdom that there are possibilities within our losses, blessings within our curses and beauty even within the darkness of our suffering. These insights became both Baruch's passion and purpose - to guide others through the darkness of grief, inspiring them to find sparks of light within life's most difficult moments.

Now through Spark Seekers, co-authored with Ellen Frankel, LCSW, Baruch shares new perspectives on grief and loss, as well as valuable and practical insights spanning different religions and spiritual traditions, for anyone seeking to emerge from death's darkness into life's light with meaning, purpose and inspiration.

A must read... positive and profound! Rabbi Baruch HaLevi, a survivor of the dark night of the soul, brilliantly weaves together life-saving strands of ancient and modern insight that helpfully guide the reader from the darkness of despair to the light of life... This book is for anyone searching for wholeness within the depths of a broken heart.
— Marvin R. Wilson, Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Gordon College, and author of Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

Mystical Mourning

Mystical Mourning is an eight-day, multimedia support system to help guide you through your grief in a proactive, purposeful, and powerful way at any point after the loss of a loved one. Grieving is neither a weakness nor a shame. It’s a necessary and potentially transformative process for dealing with your loss and pain. Mourning is the pathway we walk through grief, and Mystical Mourning is the path we’ve charted by drawing upon spiritual, emotional and mental best practices from religion, spiritual practice, therapeutic methods, and our experience in guiding individuals through the process.


“The personal life experiences that Rabbi B shares in session and also in his book, helped to normalize my anger, rage and ultimately, intense sadness after my loss. Those shared experiences helped me feel not so alone in my grief response. I have received counseling/ life coaching off and on throughout my life. The experience with Rabbi B far exceeded what I envisioned to be possible in a counseling experience. The spiritual essence he exudes, elevates the intensity of the personal transformation.”
— Susan Ecker, LCSW