Kosher Cannabis 

Rooted in Judaism, Flowering in Israel & Fulfilling The Jewish Mission

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not “the Devil’s Weed.” It is not dangerous, nor is it immoral. Rather, this plant (like all plants) is sanctioned as kosher by the Torah and deemed holy within the Book of Exodus. In fact, it is mentioned throughout the Talmud and utilized by famous rabbis past and present. This backdrop provides a context in understanding why Jews have historically led the charge for cannabis legalization, why so many investors and owners are Jewish, and why Israel is the birthplace of medical cannabis and world leader in cannabis R&D. Ultimately, the morality of cannabis is determined by what we do with it. With the rise of the legalized cannabis and prominence of both Jews and the Jewish homeland within this development, we have the opportunity to utilize it as a force for good and fulfill the Jewish mission of Tikun Olam – to repair a broken world.  

Conscious Cannabis


The cannabis industry is at a crossroads. Will it become just another commodity? Will it go the way of the other “Big Industries” -- Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Alcohol? Will it continue down the path of social, racial and gender inequity? The rising profitability of this plant is not without its inherent dangers, but equally the legalized cannabis industry presents unparalleled opportunities. And, it starts with “Conscious Capitalism,” or what Rabbi B terms, “Conscious Cannabis.”

Capitalism, done right, has functioned as one of the greatest goods in the history of humanity; and this industry, done right, has the ability to heal on every level: physically, socially, culturally and economically. Will we utilize these profits to generate wealth for its owners, as well as to generate health, justice, equity and prosperity for all? Will we engage it as a pathway to restorative justice for the victimization of people of color during the “War on Drugs,” and a form of economic reparation for those communities in which it took place? As its operators, investors, leaders, advocates and proponents, will we speak up, rise up and put up the necessary resources—make the requisite investment—to take it down another path? Cannabis: it is time to harness the plant as a source of good. It is time for Conscious Cannabis.

Seeds Of Social Equity

What it is. What it needs. What it could be.

For decades the U.S. government has waged the War on Drugs in an attempt to eliminate illicit drug use within this country. However, this war has neither achieved its intended goals, nor was it ever intended to do so. In reality, this was not a War on Drugs. It was designed as a War on People – specifically people of color and the communities in which they tend to live. Cannabis in particular has been co-opted and propagandized to serve as a weapon by the government to target, and incarcerate, African-Americans and Hispanics, destroying lives and decimating the communities in which they live.

Adding insult to injury, as legalization of cannabis evolves, the victims of this racist war are now being left out of legalization, economic upside and all of the opportunities surrounding the “Green Rush:. As an attempt to repair this injustice, and bring equity to the cannabis industry, states have rolled out cannabis social equity programs, awarding preferential licenses to individuals most harmed by the War on Drugs. The challenges to these programs, however, are numerous. Rabbi B and ONE Cannabis are providing practical solutions as they roll out the world’s most comprehensive and aggressive cannabis social equity solution they call SEED.