Life Coaching

Over the years I’ve spoken with a number of counselors who all offer helpful advice. However, I have never spoken with someone who has such insight, sincerity and wisdom as Rabbi B.
— Susan Ecker, LCSW

Rabbi B works with clients, by phone & video, guiding them with his own style and brand of counseling. He has spent his career guiding thousands of people in actualizing their greatest potential within all aspects of their lives, professionally, personally, emotionally and spiritually. His unique offerings focus on mind, body and soul transformation, to help them journey through life's crossroads with power and purpose. 


Executive Coaching

Baruch is the rare Executive Coach who is equally skilled and comfortable in the realm of business, counseling and spirituality. He listen’s intensely, speaks directly and offers his clients intuitive, creative and spot-on insights, actionable tools, and invaluable depth & meaning in every conversation.
— Robert Edelstein, CEO, Universal Capital

Rabbi Dr. B has spent his career guiding successful men and women in actualizing their greatest potential within all aspects of their lives. His mission is to help them to communicate more effectively, lead more powerfully, and live with a greater sense of purpose and connection in all that they are and all that they do. In addition to being an accomplished motivational speaker and counselor, Baruch has been instrumental in building one of the most vibrant synagogues in America, has been involved in numerous start-ups and business ventures, and is an original founder of one of Massachusetts’s leading medical cannabis companies. Baruch synthesizes his experience in business and his comfort with executives and professionals, together with his passion for coaching, to offer a unique, inspirational and effective Executive Coaching opportunity. 


Inspiration, Motivation & Transformation

In addition to his coaching services, Rabbi B offers a blog, vlog, podcast and radio show providing his clients and followers the inspiration, motivation and transformational tools necessary for navigating life fully, effectively and powerfully. His coaching resources and services can all be found at