Conscious Cannabis

Rabbi B is a serial “canna-prenuer” (cannabis entrepreneur) and currently the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for One Cannabis Group, the country’s leading and largest cannabis franchise operator. He is an advocate for “Conscious Cannabis,” the principles of Conscious Capitalism and the Triple Bottom Line: Profit, People & Planet, applied to the cannabis industry.

Rabbi B’s background as a synagogue rabbi, and his experience having co-founded multiple cannabis companies, as well as having lived and worked within the Israeli cannabis R&D eco-system, makes him an ideal spokesman for this emerging and needed area within the nascent cannabis industry.

Rabbi B is actively working with many industry leaders and companies to leverage the economic and political power of this plant as a force for healing, equality and goodness within the world.

In particular Rabbi B is interested in:

  • elevating the industry’s ethical standards

  • utilizing the plant as a source of healing for illness, pain and suffering

  • harnessing cannabis profits for economic empowerment & social justice

  • introducing Israeli cannabis R&D to the U.S. market to raise the bar of “Medical Marijuana”

To learn more about Conscious Cannabis or get involved, please contact Rabbi B!