Rabbi B spent nearly twenty years helping to re-imagine and re-invigorate American Judaism, building one of the fastest growing, most innovative and exciting congregations in the country. 

Within the synagogue and Jewish communal realm he is known as a visionary leader, innovation trendsetter and one of the most charismatic speakers in the country. Rabbi B has also been instrumental in creating multiple start-ups and applies his vision and experience in consulting non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses.

Green Partners Investments

Green Partners, LLC is Boston based cannabis investment company, co-founded by Rabbi B. Green Partners was founded to create profitable financial investment opportunities for it's funders while simultaneously creating a flourishing, sustainable funding mechanism to make a larger positive social and environmental impact within the world. Baruch consults with Green Partners, and other cannabis companies, in trying to affect ethical and social change, utilizing legalized, medical cannabis and it's myriad of potential financial, medical and social benefits. 

Rabbi B was the inspiration behind the formation of the multi-million dollar Green Partner investment fund, building out one of Massachusetts premiere cannabis companies.
— Robert Edelstein, Managing Partner, Green Partners Investments

IN-israel - Tourism Consulting

Drawing upon his in depth understanding of the American Jewish and Christian communities, together with his extensive background and success in designing and implementing inspirational, engaging and meaningful religious, educational and social experiences, Rabbi B consults with Israel based land tour operators, working with with them in redesigning, marketing and facilitating innovative, visionary and inspirational Israel experiences. Some of his recent offerings are, "The Cannabis Trail," "The Entreprenuers Tour," and "The Paratroopers Experience." 

Rabbi B’s vision, creativity and innovation are breathing new life into stagnate Israel tours and experiences. IN-israel truly is INSPIRING.
— Jan Goldstein, CEO, Israel Journeys Inc