Rabbi Baruch HaLevi, D.Min



    • Bachelor of Arts,  Philosophy, 1994


    • Master of Hebrew Letters, 2000

    • Rabbinic Ordination, 2002


    • Doctor of Ministry, 2008


    • Jerusalem, Israel

    • Rabbinical school student, 1999-2000


    • Graduate of the two year certificate program, 2004-2006


    • Rabbinical School Mechina (preparation) 1 year program, 1995-1996


    • Tzfat, Israel, 1995

    • 3 month work-study program



Co-founder & CEO, February 2017 - Present

Welaunch is a newly forming social enterprise which will bring Israeli  economic development, educational and engagement opportunities to the U.S. market focused specifically on mid-size cities. 

Rabbi B Initiatives, Boston MA & Israel  

Coaching, Consulting & Communications , 2015 - Present

Rabbi B formed Rabbi B Initiatives, a Boston based LLC, as the parent company for all of his various business ventures. Some of his past, or current projects include: 

  •  Green Partners Investments & Sage Cannabis, Boston
    • Co-founder of a multi-million dollar cannabis investment fund, and one of Massachusetts premiere non-profit, medical cannabis cultivations and dispensaries, committed to social entrepreneurialism, using a percentage of profits for social welfare, medical research, and various health and wellness programs within the U.S. & Israel.
    • Roles include: Investor recruitment, development and communications; business strategy; coordinating website design, social-media and marketing; Director of Ethics and Cause.
  • IN-israel Tourism, Israel                                  
    • Consulting within the Israeli tourism industry, redesigning, marketing and implementing cutting-edge, inspirational new ways to experience Israel such as the Entrepreneur’s Tour & The Paratroopers Mission.
  • Rabbi B Radio, Boston                                  
    • Hosting a weekly, Boston based radio program. 
  • Inspiro Israel, Colorado & Israel                    July, 2015 – May, 2016  Co- founder and managing director of a medical research start-up. Roles included: investor development, business strategy, Israel operations, setup and implementation.


    Congregation Shirat Hayam, SwampscotT, MA           

    Rabbi Emeritus, 2015 - Present

    Founding Rabbi, 2006 - 2015

    Congregation Shirat Hayam (CSH) was formed in 2005 as a merger of two Conservative synagogues. Under Rabbi B's leadership, CSH became a model for successful synagogue mergers and what is possible for American, suburban synagogues.

    Roles, Duties & Key Accomplishments:

    • Community Building
      • Internal: Through visionary programming, motivational speaking and communications and one-on-one relationship building, CSH evolved from two reluctant, antagonistic populations into a unified, energized, thriving community.
      • Communal: Paved the way to numerous community wide programs and projects partnering with the Federation, JCC, Day School and synagogues.
      • Christian: Active engagement with, and deep ties to the Christian community, particularly the Evangelical church and Gordon Conwell Seminary.
    • Membership – tripled membership, growing to over 2000 people, with the average age plummeting and participation growing exponentially, due to aggressive outreach and “Radical Hospitality” to the unaffiliated, interfaith couples, young families, professionals, and marginalized segments within the Jewish community.
    • Fundraising -
      •  doubled the annual fundraising campaign through outside-the-box, bold, new fundraising models
      • Raised millions of dollars for multiple capital campaigns.
      • Took the leading role in all fundraising efforts, inspiring the community through motivational speaking and individual donors through personal connections and care.  
    • Programming – transformed the synagogue, community and region through visionary, inspirational programming such as the world’s only, weekly sustained Synaplex (a myriad of traditional and alternative services, educational, social and artistic experiences for all ages) attracting hundreds of participants from across the community and around the region, ultimately gaining national exposure and praise.
    • Global Impact – reached tens of thousands of people beyond CSH through revolutionary new ways of presenting Judaism to the world such as Shulcasting (webcasting Synaplex services), Sagecasting (broadcasting nto regional Jewish nursing homes/assisted living) Ruakh Podcasts/Television and more.
    • Zionism – Known as a leading spokesman, and community organizer, for all things Israel, particularly during times of crisis; convening and leading numerous Israel solidarity rallies and raising donations for emergency campaigns. Significantly involved with Aipac, ADL, Israel Bonds and Federation, organizing and leading numerous missions and receiving regional recognition for these efforts.


    For a detailed list of our transformational creations, innovations & inspirations


    Tifereth Israel Synagogue, Des Moines, IA

    • Rabbi, 2002 - 2006
    • Tifereth Israel is a historic congregation in Des Moines, Iowa which Rabbi B helped to revitalize, returning it to a flourishing center of Jewish life.



    Congregation Ohr HaTorah, Valley Village, CA

    • Rabbinic Intern 1996 - 2002
    • Rabbi B studied with, and worked along side, his mentor, Rabbi Mordecai Finley, for nearly six years.
    • Rabbi Finley is one of the most inspiring figures in liberal Judaism today and Ohr Ha-Torah is one of the most dynamic and exciting congregations in Los Angeles. 


    Additional Experience


    • Co-founder & Marketing Director, 2010 - 2012
    • Salem, MA
    • Zuzzim was a non-profit start-up whose goal was to becoming a funding mechanism for non-profits, particularly synagogues, to create a new revenue stream with the hope that someday synagogue dues would be unnecessary.
    • Zuzzim was a virtual Business To Business & Business To Consumer purchasing platform, which would allow participants to designate a percentage of their transaction to a charity of their choice.


    • Co-director, 2006 -2015
    • RUACH is a local television program in Boston which Rabbi B helped to facilitate for 10 years, bringing together local religious leaders to dialogue and promote religious understanding and harmony.

    Drake University

    • Adjunct Professor, 2002-2006

    • Des Moines, IA


    Revolution of jewish spirit

    In 2012, Baruch HaLevi and co-author Ellen Frankel publish Revolution of Jewish Spirit: How to Revive Ruakh in Your Spiritual Life, Transform Your Synagogue and Inspire Your Jewish Community, which chronicled Baruch's experience reviving Congregation Shirat Hayam.

    Spark Seekers

    Baruch's most recent book, Spark Seekers: Mourning with Meaning; Living with Light, was published in Spring 2015. The book is both a memoir of his journey through grief after the tragic loss of his father, and also a manual for anyone seeking to move through grief's darkness with purpose, hope and meaning.

    Mystical mourning

    Baruch's most recent publication and project, Mystical Mourning,  in partnership with his sister, world renown psychic-medium and author, Rebecca Rosen, is a revolutionary, multi-media grief program for anyone looking for a pro-active, spiritual and practical response to grieving the loss of a a loved one.