Tech-un Olam - Jewish Education & Israel Advocacy

"Tikkun Olam," literally translated as "repairing the world," is a well known principle within Judaism. Each and everyone of us is here to do our part in bettering the the human condition. And although this is usually thought of individually, within Israel this mandate has scaled to national proportions. Israel, often referred to as the "Start-up Nation," due to it's unparalleled entrepreneurial, innovation and technological advancement, activities and eco-system is at the center of life-saving, world-transforming, ground-breaking innovations, scientific developments and technological transformations. This is what Rabbi B has termed, "Tech-un Olam," and the central focus of his Jewish educational and Israel advocacy activities. 

Rabbi B teaches and speaks in synagogues, churches, corporations, chambers of commerce, governmental agencies, universities, classroom settings and Jewish and secular organizations inspiring, unifying and engaging a wide array of audiences for this unique, timely and much needed message. 

Rabbi B has many gifts, but none more profound than his ability to articulate an inspired, but achievable vision, with unparalleled passion. Particularly regarding Zionism, and issues surrounding Israel, there is no one more more articulate and compelling than Rabbi B.
— Joseph Selby, CEO, Kappys Fine Wine & Spirits


1. It's Time To Tell A New Story About Israel. 

2. Reclaiming Zionism & The Imperative That We Advocate For Israel

3. Rabbi B's reflections during his visit to Israel during Operation Protective Edge and the sermon that launched Green Partners Investments.