Rabbi B provides "concierge" rabbinic and spiritual services for anyone seeking his guidance....

For thirteen years Rabbi B served as a congregational rabbi officiating at hundreds of lifecycle events and guiding thousands of people through all of life's challenges and tragedies. 

Rabbi B has always been known for his "Radical Hospitality," guiding secular and religious people from every flavor of Judaism, across the Christian spectrum, Buddhists, Hindus, interfaith and same sex couples, straight and gay - receiving anyone and everyone who seeks his support and guidance.  

In the words of Gandhi, "there is only one race - the human race." However, there are many ways to run the race and Rabbi B will meet you where you are, provide you with what you need, and help you express your spirit in a way that is uniquely yours and yours alone.


Soulful Services include:

Weddings / Renewal of Vows / Commitment Ceremonies


Rabbi B is available to officiate at weddings, renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies, working with you to design your own, unique, intimate and inspired celebration of love. He is also available, virtually or in person, for pre-marital and relationship counseling providing real-world, thoughtful and invaluable guidance.  


Bris/Baby Naming


Rabbi B is available to officiate at a bris (in partnership with a mohel or urologist) or Baby Naming, working with you to design a personal, meaningful and engaging experience based upon your comfort level, desires and needs. 




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Rabbi B is available to officiate at the funerals of loved ones (Jewish and not-Jewish), crafting personalized, meaningful and memorable experiences, both to honor the departed, comfort the bereaved and bring meaning, purpose and hope to everyone involved.  



Counseling (virtual or in Denver, CO)

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Rabbi B guides people through all of life's challenges, trials and tragedies. He helps them find their professional calling, navigate mid-life crisis', repair relationships, find their way through confusion and transform the darkness of loss into new beginnings filled with love, life and light. 



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A once a month, Saturday morning spiritual experience, on-line or in person, in Denver, CO.  Soulfull Shabbat is for anyone (religious or secular, Jews of all denominations, Christians, Buddhists and spiritual seekers of all types) seeking community, spiritual connection and Divine guidance. In partnership with his wife, Ariela HaLevi, Director of SoulFULL Healing, they have designed this unique Sabbath experience consisting of Biblical inspired meditation, wisdom text study, Jewish infused yoga and Kabbalistic chanting. You can read more about the origins of SoulFULL Shabbat in Revolution of Jewish Spirit.

Rabbi B has a gift for transforming seemingly ordinary events into extraordinary, unique and unforgettable experiences. Nothing he does is canned and no one he guides is left uninspired
— Marla Gay, Boston MA