Green Guardians

Rabbi B has been involved with multiple efforts revolving around the legalized cannabis industry, always with an eye towards:

  • elevating the industry’s ethical standards

  • utilizing the plant as a source of healing and recovery for patients

  • harnessing profits for positive social impact

  • providing a pathway for Israel (the birthplace of medical cannabis and world leader in cannabis R&D) and Israeli cannabis R&D companies to access the legal U.S. cannabis market

Rabbi B is an advocate for “Conscious Capitalism,” committed in all of his business endeavors to the triple bottom line of Profit, People & Planet. He is actively working with many individuals and companies on numerous projects, ensuring that they are all “Green Guardians,” not only committed to Conscious Capitalism, but that this industry is a force for healing, equality and goodness within the world.


Green Partners Investments

In 2014, Rabbi B co-founded Green Partners Investments, currently funding one of Massachusetts' premiere cannabis cultivation facilities and dispensaries with locations throughout Greater Boston.


Rabbi B was the inspiration behind the formation of the multi-million dollar Green Partner investment fund, building out one of Massachusetts premiere cannabis companies.
— Robert Edelstein, Managing Partner, Green Partners Investment