Rabbi B’s lifecycle events are always filled with love, joy and spirit. They are truly “SoulFull.

For thirteen years Rabbi B served as a congregational rabbi officiating at hundreds of lifecycle events and guiding thousands of people through all of life's monumental moments, celebrations and devastations. 

Rabbi B has always been known for his "Radical Hospitality," guiding secular and religious people across the spectrum:

  • From every flavor of Judaism

  • From Unitarian to Evangelical

  • From Buddhists and Hindus to Jew-Bu's and Hin-Jews

  • From interfaith and same sex couples to LGBTQ individuals

He will work with you, helping to design a unique, personalized, creative and spiritual experience. From baby namings to weddings, from funerals to memorial services, Rabbi B sits with you, listens to you and frames your moment providing you with memories, meaning and inspiration that lasts a lifetime. 


Soulfull LOVE


Rabbi B is available to officiate at weddings, renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies, working with you to design your own, unique, intimate and inspired celebration of love. 




Rabbi B is available to officiate at a bris (in partnership with a mohel or Urologist) or Baby Naming, working with you to design a personal, meaningful and engaging experience based upon your comfort level, desires and needs. 




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Rabbi B is available to officiate at the funerals and memorial services of loved ones crafting personalized, meaningful and memorable experiences; honoring the departed, comforting the bereaved and inspiring everyone involved.



Rabbi B has a gift for transforming seemingly ordinary events into extraordinary, unique and unforgettable experiences. Nothing he does is canned and no one he guides is left uninspired
— Marla Gay, Boston MA