Green Guardians 

Green Guardians is Baruch's newest initiative, utilizing the profits of the legalized, medical cannabis industry to make a larger, positive social and environmental impact within the world - what he calls, "conscious cannabis." This emerging industry is hungry for a cause and Baruch is actively working to create, articulate and implement this cause throughout the industry. 

Through his non-profit, Green Guardians, Baruch is working to foster relationships with U.S. based cannabis companies, investors and philanthropists in harnessing a percentage of profits, or solicit donations, to benefit U.S. military veterans and the veteran suicide epidemic.

Green Guardians intends to bring social consciousness to the emerging U.S. cannabis industry, healing to the men and women of the U.S. armed forces, and share the truth about Israel as a source of healing throughout the world.
— Rabbi B

The mission of Green Guardians is to advocate for these men and women, funding and promoting suicide-awareness and education within our society. Green Guardians also intends to fund medical cannabis research to further our understanding of the medicinal benefits in treating PTSD and depression.

Lastly, Green Guardians hopes to provide wellness opportunities for U.S. veterans through funding healing trips to Israel, bringing them together with Israel Defense Forces veterans also struggling with depression and PTSD, traveling together, and healing together, within holy land and healing land.

Rabbi B brings to the legalized cannabis industry a cause based vision, infused with his signature inspiration, lending his voice in helping to ethically and spiritually shape this emerging industry.
— Christian Hageseth, President, American Cannabis Partners